My name is Andrea Calabrese and I'm a 3d artist. Always passionate about the world of sculpture and collecting, after graduating as a 3d generalist, I decided to start my own business, not satisfied with the job offers that the world scene offered, starting a freelancer career. So I decided to open Graphic & 3dart 2 years ago and develop a business that could cover multiple fields of visual arts. Training as a 3d generalist allowed me to understand the mechanics behind the magic of 3d graphics. I specialized in character design, hard and organic surface modeling, as well as in texturing, with great passion for digital sculpture. During these years I have tried to make my great vocation for collectible modeling and making in general coexist, finding a great ally in the digital arts, for this reason I thought of fusing the traditional with the digital. The idea of ​​Graphic & 3dart was born from this cross over.


Graphic & 3dart was born from the idea of ​​merging the enormous technological innovation potential of DLP resin printing with good old craftsmanship. Prototyping, model making, hobbies, jewelery, 3D PRINTING now touches the most varied fields of industry. Are you a 3D artist or designer and want to see your work in flesh and blood? Send us the model, you will receive a quote and if satisfied we will print it. The uses of resin masters are infinite: 

  1. modeling

  2. fugurins

  3. collectible statue

  4. dioramas

  5. jewelry

  6. dentistry

  7. architecture

  8. mechanics

  9. prototyping

  10. moldmaking


Send us your file in STL or OBJ format maximum 2GB, and you will get a cost estimate. Print also in large formats with our plate 29x16x40 cm !!




The beating heart of Graphic & 3dart lies in the creation of unique statues, busts and collectibles. All creations are digitally sculpted down to the smallest details. All the paintings are made by hand using the airbrushand and brush, using quality materials, such as Tamiya, Vallejo, Citadel Color. Remember, the statues are limited in number, once the pre-order ones are sold out, the statues will only be made on order, this to ensure a high quality standard. We also consider the creation of exclusive pieces on request.



Painting of collectible figures and statues. Whether it's a miniature or an action figure, we can paint it. Do you want to restore a piece you love? or restore value to "industrial" painting with quality work? Send us photos of your miniature / statue / vehicle and we will give you a quote. Send your piece and receive it back in a whole new skin.


The 3D graphic arts are the origin from which Graphic & 3dart was born, for this reason I continue to work with passion and love in this sector. Modeling, concept art, digital drawings, texturing, Character design, UV Mapping, digital sculpting, rendering, Shading. Contact me and I will be happy to provide you with a quote on your project.


Request a print quote or simple info on our products and fill out the form alongside. We will contact you as soon as possible.





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