The DGS series is a line of premium figures with an original design that takes inspiration from Norse, Greek and Egyptian mythology, and reinterprets the protagonists in a dark key, in collectible statues in super limited pieces . It is the first line produced and designed by G & 3da, which takes care of the path from the concept of the characters, to the development in CG and the final painting. The series will consist of nine main statues; three for each mythology. Each main statue will be preceded by a stand alone piece that will trace the link with the main statue. Being a custom production, each piece will be painted entirely by hand with the same care and passion of the master, as being collectors ourselves, we know how much a painting can give value and satisfaction to a collectible figure and make its owner proud. This is the reason for such a low edition (generally of 50 PIECES per character between unpainted and painted kits.), Which will give the statue rarity and will ensure a uniform and quality painting quality on each issue. The painted pieces (on request) will have an initials that will authenticate their originality. Once the 50 pieces are exhausted, no recasting or reprints will be made and the cast will be destroyed forever.

The series will be composed as follows:

  • THOR triumphant on Rockbeard stand alone piece ROCKBEARD HEAD

  • ODIN on Sleipnir stand alone piece HORN OF ODIN

  • FREYA queen of the valkirie stand alone piece FREYA'S HELMET

  • POSEIDONE lord of the sea                 stand alone piece Armored crab with trident
    (to be approved)

  • Hades sovereign of the underworld stand alone piece SOUL OF STYGE (PERSEPHONE)

  • ZEUS triumphant on Crono stand alone piece to be defined

  • HORUS the winged beast stand alone piece to be defined

  • SETH devourer of chaos stand alone piece to be defined

  • ANUBI jackal of the dead stand alone piece EGYPTIAN MASK OF DEATH  


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