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The DGS series is a line of premium figures with an original design that takes inspiration from Norse, Greek and Egyptian mythology, and reinterprets the protagonists in a dark key, in collectible statues in super limited pieces . It is the first line produced and designed by G & 3da, which takes care of the path from the concept of the characters, to the development in CG and to the final painting. The series will consist of nine main statues; three for each mythology. Being rare pieces, the titarutures will not exceed 50 pieces , but according to customer requests, the total edition of each statue could also be less than the canonical 50 pieces.

The series will be composed as follows:



  • THOR triumphant over Rockbeard

  • ODIN on Sleipnir

  • FREYA queen of the Valkirias           

  • POSEIDONE lord of the sea              

  • HADES ruler of the underworld

  • ZEUS triumphant over Cronus

  • HORUS the winged beast

  • SETH devourer of chaos

  • ANUBI jackal of the dead