Thor, son of Odin, father of the gods and Jǫrð; a giantess of the Jötunn race accepted among the Æsir and mistress of her father. Thor is a formidable warrior and as heir to the throne of Asgard wields the legendary hammer Mjöllnir. The gold of his armor is made of golden tears planted by his adoptive mother Frigga, who stood at her son's bedside for seven days and seven nights, when Asgard's heir fought for his life, badly wounded by his first clash with Miðgarðsormr the snake that envelops the world. Despite Jötunn's blood flowing through his veins, he is a sworn enemy of the giants, whom he considers dangerous, lowly and chaos-bred. Easily susceptible and prone to anger and rage, it turns out to be brutal when it loses control. However, the god of thunder is also capable of great goodness. He has a strong sense of honor that leads him to give his all to protect Asgard and his people, however often with methods that may appear immoral. He kills the giant Rockbeard when he, realizing that he has been duped by Loki and the Æsir, turns his anger against Asgard, revealing his true nature. Thor knocks him down with a single blow of his hammer, driving one of the large nails destined for the Asgard gate into his skull. Despite his warrior disposition and quarrelsome temperament, if in doubt, the god seeks advice from Mimir "the Wise", despite being a giant, proving that even if rarely, respect can exist between enemies. It is written that when the Ragnarok begins, Thor and Miðgarðsormr will clash again in a duel, starting a battle that will shake the foundations of Midgard and break the branches of the Yggdrasill; battle that will lead both to death.

Biography of the character




Thor has a beefy appearance that is more reminiscent of a high-blooded Viking warrior. A rugged and spartan-looking man, he has a rocky physique, forged by his many battles. He wears thick armor richly decorated with Norse motifs, such as The Yggdrasill on his chest and Odin's ravens on his abdomen. The 8 circular metal plates, not only convey the energy of its lightning, but exactly take the position of the worlds on the branches of the Yggdrasill reachable through the Bifrost. In addition to the legendary hammer Mjöllnir, Thor wears the Megingjörð at his waist, a magical belt that doubles his already prodigious strength. The Járngreipr (the iron gloves that are used by the god in order not to lose his grip on the hammer handle) are instead reinterpreted here as magical tattoos imprinted on the back of the hands. He always carries his winged helmet on whose forehead two horns emerge, one of which broke during the first fight with Miðgarðsormr. Thor triumphant over Rockbeard, is the first M statue (MAIN) of the DGS line. as such it will have truly massive dimensions, with a height that will reach approximately 55cm and a huge base that will house the fallen giant while with a terrified expression he exhales his last breath . Digitally sculpted in minute details and painted entirely by hand.



Character development

The Mjöllnir


Mjollnir "the Crusher" is Thor's legendary hammer and his favorite weapon in the fight against giants. Forged by the dwarves and given as a gift to the Æsir. According to the myth, the god Loki had made a bet with the dwarf Brokkr claiming that his brother, the blacksmith Sindri, was not capable of producing prodigious artifacts as those produced by the Sons of Ivaldi, another lineage of dwarves known for having forged the magical spear Gungnir. This prodigious war hammer is capable of shattering and striking anything. The only things it cannot destroy are other weapons forged from its own metal such as Odin's spear, Gungnir, or the sword of the god Tyr, Tyrfing. if launched it will also always return to the hand of its owner, destroying any obstacle on its path. It has a very large head and has a stocky appearance. Magic runes are engraved on the handle under the leather strings, and the very elaborate pommel has 3 bird heads with "eyes" which allow the hammer to "see" the way to its target without ever failing and also to  return without ever getting lost.

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Height: 55 cm

depth: 52.5 cm

Length: 60.8 cm

weight: appx: 13kg

material: premium resin

Edition size: 50 pcs

shipping: from Italy

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Currently the model is in the prototyping phase, technical specifications and prices will be communicated at the revelation of the master .

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